#3 Richard Williams


Geburtstort:San Diego, California
Position:Point Guard
Letzer Verein: Phoenix Hagen


How did you get your first basketball? Tell us the story…

– My mom bought me a basketball hoop when I was still in pampers.

Who inspired you to Play basketball? How old were you?

– My mom, when I was 5 or 6.

Which of your past coaches influenced you the most and why?

– Johnnie Colvin. He gave me my swagger and confidence when I play.

Your personal Goal as an athlete?

– Take care of my family.

Describe your best move?

– Tricking the defense with no-look passes.

What is your favorite place in Cologne?

– The river.

What works everytime, all the time?

– Exploring the city.

What can you do great besides playing basketball?

– Sing and dance in the shower.

Tell us your nickname?

– Papoose. My father gave it to me when I was a baby.

Which meal can you cook best?

– Fried Chicken.

Is there an event, quote, movie, music or Picture that inspires and accompanies you as an athlete?

– Movie: „Above the Rim“.

How / with whom do you spend your off-time in between practices or games?

– At home watching Netflix and catching up on my favorite shows.

What is your favorite TV-show?

– Family Guy.

Do you have a pre-game ritual, or a lucky charm?

– Take a nap in my tights and game socks.

Favorite song?

– 2Pac – I Ain’t Mad at Cha.

Favorite movie?

– Talladega Nights.

Who is your idol?

– My parents.

What is your zodiac sign?

– Leo.

What is your greatest success?

– Graduating college.

Where are you from?

– San Diego, California.

What are your Hobbys besides Basketball?

– I love music so I’m always singing and dancing. Video games when I have time. Also traveling.

What Kind of cologne do you use?

– One Million, Gucci.

What is your favorite brand for shoes?

– Nike.

What are you afraid of?

– Failure.

Have you ever met someone famous?

– Nikki Minaj. I almost passed out.