#4 Christopher Eversley

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Größe:2,01 m
Position:Power Forward
Spitzname:CE, Blackleg
Letzter Verein: Kangoeroes Basket Willebroek


How did you get your first basketball? Tell us the story …

Both of my parents played Basketball. Mom in Division I, Dad in the NBA. They know I would play too, so they just put a ball in my crib as a baby.

Who inspired you to play Basketball? How old were you?

My parents, I was around 4 when I started to gain an interest. Also watching Michael Jordan play in Chicago growing up helped.

Which of your past coaches influenced you the most and why?

My dad coached me until high school. He was the most influential because he taught me the fundamentals.

Your personal goal as an athlete?

To see as many places in the world as possible while chasing the dream of playing at the highest level.

Describe your best move:

Fadeaway J

Is there an event, quote, movie, music or picture that inspires and accompanies you as an athlete?

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”

How/with whom do you spend your off-time in between practices or games?

When I get into the swing of things, it will definitely be my teammates.

What can you do great besides playing Basketball?

Anything with technology, I am a geek.

Do you have a pre-game ritual, or a lucky charm?

Jump rope, frog leap before jump ball, slap the blackboard.

Who is your idol?

Quentin Tarantino.

What is your greatest  success?

Travelling the world doing something I love.

What are your hobbys besides Basketball?

Writing, listening to music, seeing movies, Xbox One, bowling, travelling, driving at night.

Have you ever met someone famous?

Quite a few NBA players living and playing in Los Angeles.