#24 David Downs


Geburtsort:Seattle, Washington
Größe:1,88 m
Position:Point Guard
Spitzname:Double D, Little D
Letzter Verein: MBC Mykolaiv (Ukraine-Superleague)


How did you get your first basketball? Tell us the story …

I got my first basketball in my baby crib from my father. He was a Basketball player and coach for many years so it was only natural for him to introduce me to Basketball as soon as possible.

Who inspired you to play Basketball? How old were you?

My dad definitely inspired me to play Basketball. I guess I was inspired before I could even realize what I was actually doing with the hoop and ball in my crib.

Which of your past coaches influenced you the most and why?

Once again, my father. He taught me all the basics of basketball and taught me that I would only be as good as I wanted to be. Meaning: I had to work and work and work if I ever wanted to be a great player.

Your personal goal as an athlete?

I think in general it is always to be the best possible player that David Downs can be.

Describe your best move:

My best move is probably my three point shot. I think that is what has allowed me to play at a high level.

Is there an event, quote, movie, music or picture that inspires and accompanies you as an athlet?

“True success is the self-satisfaction in knowing you did your very best.” – John Wooden

How/with whom do you spend your off-time in between practices or games?

I spend my off-time with my beautiful wife Morgen. We love exploring the city or just hanging out. We are excited to explore the Rhine region on off days as well. Our first place we really want to visit is Eltz Castle.

What is your favorite place in Cologne?

My favourite place in Cologne is down by the Dom. It has a special place in my life because that’s where I asked my wife to marry me during Christmas time of last season.

Do you have a pre-game ritual, or a lucky charm?

I always like to get to the gym a little early and just get up some shots by myself before other people get there.

What are your hobbys besides Basketball?

I love to cook, travel, and recently I have fallen in love with Golf.

What are you afraid of?


Have you ever met someone famous?

Stephan Baeck.