#32 Hugh Robertson

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Geburtsort:Macon, Georgia
Größe:1,95 m
Position:Shooting Guard
Letzter Verein: Helios Domzale


How did you get your first basketball? Tell us the story …

My mother gave me my first basketball at an early age.

Who inspired you to play Basketball? How old were you?

My mother inspired me to play, I can’t remember how old I was when I started playing.

Which of your past coaches influenced you the most and why?

All of my past coaches influenced me, I learned a lot from them all.

You personal goal as an athlete?

My personal goal is to get to the highest level in Basketball.

Describe your best move:

Attacking the defender with hesitations and fakes.

Is there an event, quote, movie, music or picture that inspires and accompanies you as an athlete?

Coach Carter.

How/with whom do you spend your off-time in between practices or games?

I usually spend my off time alone.

What is your favorite place in Cologne?

The Rhine.

What works everytime, all the time?

Being positive.

What can you do great besides playing Basketball?

I am good at playing football.

Who is your idol?

My mother.

What is your greatest success?

Winning my first championship.

What are your hobbys besides Basketball?


Have you ever met someone famous?